Wilshire: Low-Cost Multi-Asset Class Portfolios


Founded in 1972, Wilshire advises on $1.2 trillion and manages $84 billion in assets, serving more than 500 institutional and financial intermediary clients from 10 offices around the world. As a global provider of market-leading indexes, advanced analytics and multi-asset investment solutions, Wilshire has the extensive expertise to help investors achieve their investment objectives.

Wilshire offers a wide range of discretionary and advisory multi-asset class and alternative investment solutions, market-leading indexes, such as the FT Wilshire 5000, and investment decision support tools. Its products merge advanced risk and analytical technologies with qualitative insights to help investors anticipate growth opportunities, manage risks effectively and make informed decisions with confidence.

The Wilshire Global ETF Allocation Portfolios are a suite of risk-based, strategic asset allocation portfolios investing in exchange traded funds (ETFs) following these rigorous guidelines:

  • Risk-based, multi-asset class portfolios – Wilshire develops forward-looking, strategic forecasts based on proprietary institutional data to determine the asset allocation policy.
  • Dynamic management – Wilshire dynamically tilts the portfolios, emphasizing assets and strategies that appear to be attractive and undervalued and de-emphasizing assets and strategies that are not.
  • Use of exchange traded funds – The utilization of ETFs allows the Portfolios to maintain a low cost, tax-efficient structure.

These Wilshire Global ETF strategies are available on the Freedom Advisors platform and have historically offered consistent returns for investors through sound asset allocation, as well as many tax benefits:

  • Wilshire Global ETF Allocation Aggressive
  • Wilshire Global ETF Allocation Conservative
  • Wilshire Global ETF Allocation Moderate
  • Wilshire Global ETF Allocation Moderate Aggressive
  • Wilshire Global ETF Allocation Moderate Conservative

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