Freedom Investment Management, Inc. (“Freedom”) strives to deliver timely insight and perspective from its thought leaders, senior management, and partner firms, and to participate in conversations around topics important to financial professionals and their clients on social media.

Given the regulations governing the investment industry, below are some important guidelines and disclosures that govern. Freedom’s participation in social channels, and how Freedom interacts with social media users. Please read them carefully.


Comment Guidelines

Freedom welcomes the interaction that social media can provide. However, Freedom reserves the right to remove and moderate comments. Comments and opinions posted by users are the responsibility of the person who posted them. Freedom does not adopt, endorse, or guarantee the accuracy of content posted by others, and such content does not represent the views of Freedom. We reserve the right to restrict users who don’t follow these guidelines, who post promotional or offensive content, or for any other reason.

Freedom may remove comments for any of the following reasons, at its discretion. Removal of certain comments is not an endorsement of the remaining comments.

  • Specific mention of investment testimonials
  • Any recommendation about its investment products
  • Any comment which is clearly off-topic, makes unsupported claims, or promotes unrelated content or spam
  • Confidential or private information; these platforms are public spaces and privacy cannot be assured
  • Requests for specific investment advice, recommendations or testimonials. Freedom’s use of social forums is intended as informational only
  • Inappropriate or abusive language, or personal attacks. This includes but is not limited to profane or provocative language (which means that discriminatory, libelous, hateful, racially or ethnically offensive or derogatory content, threats or harassment, obscene or sexually explicit language)
  • Posts focused on selling a product or service or are promotional in nature; such content may result in Freedom blocking users or reporting for spam

While Freedom welcomes constructive criticism and encourages debate, it may also block, in its sole discretion, any commenter who continues to post material contrary to the guidelines set forth above.



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Freedom does not endorse and is not responsible for any ads, content, products, advice, opinions, recommendations or other material of third party sites that may be promoted via advertising within social media properties.

Freedom reserves the right to change these guidelines at any time at its sole discretion.


Important Information and Risks

The representations and opinions on Freedom social media forums are the opinions and views of Freedom. Certain views expressed are the author’s, are subject to change without notice, and may differ from those of Freedom. Information and opinions are derived from proprietary and nonproprietary sources deemed to be reliable; the accuracy of those sources is not guaranteed. When applicable, sources used in forming Freedom’s opinion are cited, however other sources may be available which contradict Freedom’s opinion, process and methodology.

This material does not constitute a distribution, offer, invitation, recommendation, or solicitation to sell or buy any securities; it does not constitute investment advice and should not be relied upon as such.  Investors should seek independent tax, legal and financial advice before making any investment decision.

All investments carry with it a degree of risk which may include a total loss of invested assets as such risk should be carefully considered and evaluated before investing.

Freedom is an SEC registered investment adviser.

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