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Forty years ago, Len Zacks made a discovery that changed the way people thought about investing, uncovering a connection between earnings estimate revisions and rising stock prices, and it became clear that this remarkable insight could have enormous value for those navigating the relationship between risk and reward.

Zacks Investment Management was founded for this very purpose and is a subsidiary of Zacks Investment Research, one of the largest independent providers of securities research in the U.S. The performance of its equity research recommendations has been consistently ranked highly by independent evaluators of equity research, fueled by pioneering innovative investment metrics, including:

  • Price Response Indicator: Shows what a stock price is likely to do after an earnings report.
  • Earnings ESP (Expected Surprise Prediction): Determines the likelihood of an earnings surprise BEFORE it's reported. It works by locking in on the most up-to-date analyst earnings revisions because they can be more accurate than estimates from weeks or even months before the actual release date. With this in mind, the ESP compares the Most Accurate Estimate (being the most recent) against the overall Zacks Consensus Estimate.
  • Zacks Mutual Fund Rank: Not just focused on past performance, but the likely future success of the fund.
  • Zacks ETF Rank: Proprietary quantitative model with a qualitative overlay seeking to find the best exchange traded funds in the market.

“We are steeped in research like few other firms are,” said Mitch Zacks, CEO and Senior Portfolio Manager. “This has led us to numerous award-winning strategies, innovative proprietary models, and an enduring legacy of independence.”

Putting this depth of research experience into action, Zacks created a suite of investment models that span the risk spectrum, helping financial professionals, private clients and institutional investors to harness the power of independent proprietary research through personalized investment strategies.

Here is the suite of models available on the Freedom Advisors platform:

  • All Cap Core
  • Mid Cap Core
  • Small Cap Equity
  • Dividend
  • Focus Growth
  • Ultra Aggressive ETF
  • Aggressive ETF
  • Moderate Aggressive ETF
  • Moderate ETF
  • Moderate Conservative ETF
  • Conservative ETF

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