Toews Managed Blueprint Portfolios: Navigating Markets with Risk-Managed Growth


Are your clients seeking growth while managing risk? Toews Managed Blueprint Portfolios offer a compelling option of actively managed strategies targeting equity growth with a focus on mitigating downside risk through dynamic hedging and defensive positioning. 

Strategic Investment Process

  • Market Outlook: Toews starts by analyzing economic and market trends to identify potential risks and opportunities.
  • Equity Selection: Toews selects what it believes are high-quality companies with strong fundamentals and attractive valuations.
  • Option Hedging: A portion of the portfolio is hedged using equity options, aiming to protect against market downturns.
  • Defensive Positioning: A portion is allocated to investment-grade bonds for income generation and diversification.
  • Continuous Monitoring: The portfolio is constantly monitored and adjusted based on changing market conditions and Toews’ evolving outlook.

Building a Diversified Portfolio

  • Targeted Equity Exposure: Typically 60-80% is in US equities across various sectors and styles.
  • Dynamic Hedging: The level of hedging varies based on market sentiment, potentially ranging from 0% to 25%.
  • Defensive Allocation: Up to 20% may be allocated to investment-grade bonds for income and stability.

When is This Strategy Best Positioned to Shine?

  • Volatile Markets: The hedging strategy aims to cushion downside during market corrections, potentially outperforming purely long-only equity portfolios.
  • Rising Interest Rates: The bond allocation can provide stability and income as interest rates rise.
  • Uncertain Economic Environments: The dynamic approach seeks to adapt to various market conditions, aiming for consistent returns regardless of the economic climate.

Investors to Consider

  • Those seeking growth potential: The equity exposure offers the chance to capture market upswings.
  • Risk-conscious investors: The hedging and defensive allocation aim to mitigate downside risk.
  • Long-term investors: The focus on fundamentals and risk management aligns with a long-term perspective.



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