3D Global 100 ETF Strategy

For investors desiring a strategic and systematic global portfolio that seeks to capture market risk premiums, one option is the 3D Global 100 strategy. The financial markets have historically rewarded investors with long enough time horizons as investors rationally expect a positive inflation-adjusted return on their capital for the risk taken compared to fixed income and cash investments. However, equity markets have proven to be quite volatile historically, especially over shorter-term time horizons. When it comes to investing in equities, time may be on your side. Global diversification, capturing additional market risk premiums through factor investing, and cost-effective, tax-efficient vehicles may also help mitigate market volatility and improve the chances of investors achieving their long-term goals.

The 3D Global 100 ETF Strategy seeks long-term capital appreciation using exchange-traded funds (“ETFs”) to target investment across global equity markets. The strategy’s investment objective is to provide long-term superior risk-adjusted returns over the broad global equity market. 3D Global 100 can be used as a stand-alone equity strategy or as a component within a risk-based asset allocation program (i.e., asset mixes targeting long-term capital market return objectives).

The 3D Global 100 ETF Strategy uses a dynamic asset allocation approach that blends the strategic benefits of long-term investing with the flexibility to position around significant market-moving events. The strategy is built upon time-tested investment themes (factors) afforded by the market as compensation for taking on risk. The strategy will also allocate to risk-mitigation vehicles and equity alternatives such as broad basket commodities and real estate investment trusts (REITs) where there is a strong rationale to do so.

The 3D Global 100 ETF Strategy will generally invest globally in broadly diversified ETF baskets built on traditional market capitalization weighting methodology or on alternative weighting schemes tied to specific investment strategies (i.e., value, dividend, momentum, quality, size). 3D Global Equities will typically not invest in single country or sector funds.

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3D Global 100 ETF Strategy

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