Astor Investment Solutions: Elevating Your Portfolio with Strategic Investment Products


Introducing Astor Active Income and Astor Dynamic Allocation

Astor Investment Solutions has two innovative and strategic investment products designed to empower investors with a comprehensive approach to income generation and dynamic asset allocation.

Astor Active Income: A Fundamental Approach to Enhanced Yield and Stability

Astor Active Income employs a robust fundamental approach to income investing, assessing risk and opportunity across the capital market spectrum. Crafted to complement traditional income strategies, this active fixed income approach seeks to identify an asset mix that delivers a superior yield-to-risk ratio compared to intermediate-term Treasury bonds.

Process Outline:

  • Macroeconomic Analysis: Astor Active Income rigorously analyzes macroeconomic factors, interest rates, and credit data to inform investment decisions.
  • Dynamic Adjustments: Adjustments to duration, credit quality, and equity income exposure are made to reduce volatility and minimize principal risk.
  • Diversification Strategy: Adding value through strategic diversification and exposure adjustments to credit and duration mitigates the impact of adverse credit and rate conditions.
  • Market Versatility: The strategy is designed to generate returns across various market environments, including the option to invest in equity and non-fixed income asset classes.

When to Consider Astor Active Income:

  • Seeking an enhanced yield-to-risk ratio compared to intermediate-term Treasury bonds.
  • Managing portfolio volatility and minimizing principal risk through active adjustments.
  • Diversifying income strategies for a balanced and resilient portfolio.
  • Adapting to varying market conditions with a flexible investment solution.

Astor Dynamic Allocation: Navigating Economic Cycles Strategically

The flagship investment strategy is designed to navigate the complexities of economic cycles. Rooted in a macroeconomic-based approach and utilizing the Astor Economic Index® (AEI), this strategy is tailored to capture market returns during economic expansions while strategically mitigating equity losses during contractions and recessions.

Process Outline:

  • Economic Index Utilization: Astor Dynamic Allocation employs the Astor Economic Index® (AEI) to guide asset allocation decisions.
  • Tactical Adjustments: The strategy dynamically adjusts portfolio beta, ranging from up to 90% equity exposure to as low as 0% equity exposure.
  • Downside Protection: Strategic risk reduction during economic weakening minimizes exposure to potential wealth-destroying events.
  • Smoothing Returns: By adjusting allocations between stocks and fixed income, the strategy aims for smoother returns during economic fluctuations.

When to Consider Astor Dynamic Allocation:

  • Seeking downside protection during economic contractions.
  • Aiming for favorable risk-adjusted returns compared to traditional benchmarks.
  • Wanting a strategy that dynamically adjusts to economic cycles, increasing stock exposure during economic strength and shifting to fixed income during contractions.

These meticulously crafted investment solutions from Astor empower investors to navigate the complexities of the financial landscape. Whether you are focused on enhancing income or strategically managing economic cycles, Astor Active Income and Astor Dynamic Allocation offer tailored solutions to meet your unique investment goals.



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