An Attractive Municipals Model


Municipal bonds offer investors a range of attractive benefits. These debt securities issued by state and local governments, as well as their agencies and municipalities, offer these key advantages:

Tax Advantages: One of the primary benefits of municipal bonds is the potential for tax-free income. The interest income generated from municipals is typically exempt from federal income taxes and, in some cases, state and local taxes as well, making them a tax-efficient investment choice for many investors.

Safety and Stability: Municipals are generally considered lower risk compared to other types of bonds and equities, as they are typically backed by the taxing power of the issuer, which adds an extra layer of security for investors.

Regular Income: Municipals provide a predictable stream of income through periodic interest payments, making them an attractive option for income-seeking investors.

Diversification: Investing in municipals can help diversify an investment portfolio, spreading risk across different issuers and maturities.

Now, let’s introduce the Invesco Rochester Municipal Opportunity Fund, often referred to as the ORNYX fund. The Invesco Rochester Municipal Opportunity Fund is a specialized mutual fund managed by Invesco that focuses on municipal bonds. This fund seeks to provide investors with the opportunity to earn tax-exempt income while actively managing risk and capitalizing on opportunities within the municipal bond market.

The ORNYX fund aims to achieve its investment objectives by carefully selecting a diversified portfolio of municipal bonds. Invesco's experienced portfolio managers employ active management strategies to identify attractive opportunities and navigate the complexities of the municipal bond market.

Investors in the Invesco Rochester Municipal Opportunity Fund may benefit from professional management, diversification and the potential for tax-efficient income, making it a suitable choice for those looking to invest in the municipal bond market while also enjoying the expertise of a reputable asset management company.


Source: Morningstar



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