RiverFront ETF Advantage Portfolios: Tailoring Asset Allocation with ETFs


Navigating the vast ETF landscape can be overwhelming. RiverFront ETF Advantage Portfolios offer pre-built, diversified solutions that combine active asset allocation with the cost-efficiency of ETFs.

Investing with Precision

RiverFront doesn't simply mix random ETFs. Its proprietary asset allocation model, driven by quantitative analysis and market insights, determines the portfolio structure. This model considers:

  • Economic trends: Analyzing market conditions and future expectations to allocate across asset classes.
  • Risk management: Balancing potential returns with downside protection through strategic diversification.
  • ETF selection: Choosing cost-effective, liquid ETFs that accurately track its targeted markets.

Tailored for You

RiverFront offers a range of ETF Advantage Portfolios, each with a distinct risk profile. From conservative income-focused options to growth-oriented strategies, there's a portfolio to match your investment goals and risk tolerance.

Portfolio Construction

Each portfolio holds a blend of ETFs across:

  • Stocks: Diversified exposure to US and international equities, considering various market capitalizations and styles.
  • Bonds: A mix of government and corporate bonds to provide income and manage volatility.
  • Alternatives: Including real estate, commodities, or other asset classes for risk diversification and potential inflation protection.

When is This Strategy Best Positioned to Shine?

The RiverFront ETF Advantage Portfolios can potentially excel in various situations:

  • Market fluctuations: The active asset allocation aims to adjust to changing market conditions, potentially mitigating downside risk during downturns.
  • Changing needs: As your investment goals evolve, you can seamlessly switch between different portfolios within the series.
  • Cost efficiency: Utilizing low-cost ETFs keeps management fees minimal, potentially boosting your returns.

Investors to Consider

These portfolios might be suitable for:

  • Investors seeking diversification: The pre-built portfolios offer instant access to a globally diversified asset allocation across multiple asset classes.
  • Those who prefer a hands-off approach: RiverFront manages the asset allocation and ETF selection, leaving you free to focus on your overall financial plan.
  • Cost-conscious investors: The ETF structure keeps fees low, potentially enhancing your long-term returns.

Investing Simplified

RiverFront ETF Advantage Portfolios offer a convenient and potentially cost-effective solution for investors seeking diversified, actively managed exposure to global markets through ETFs. If you value professional asset allocation, diversification, and affordability, explore these portfolios further.



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