Three Growth Strategies to Consider

Growth has been on a run for some time and despite the early year correction to value, growth has made strong returns for the year. As liquidity remains abundant and with the U.S. economy showing signs of slowing growth, many investors continue to search for growth companies. With this in mind, here are several growth-focused strategies to consider.

Sapphire Star Mid Cap Growth

The Sapphire Star Mid Cap Growth strategy invests in domestically listed mid-sized company stocks and ADRs which have exhibited strong, sustainable and improving fundamentals over time, particularly with regards to revenue and profitability. It focuses on securities with asymmetrically favorable risk/reward profiles, while they are still inefficiently priced by the market relative to their potential upside. By combining quantitative fundamental analysis with a robust risk/reward assessment, the strategy is uniquely calibrated to consistently identify investments capable of providing superior risk-adjusted returns over the long term.

Sapphire Star’s team of investment professionals brings over two decades of quantitative equity research and portfolio management experience, as well as a rigorous, repeatable and time-tested investment process, which has been developed and refined over many years and multiple business cycles.

Sapphire Star Mid Cap Growth 2023

Source: Morningstar

Neuberger Berman Large Cap Disciplined Growth

The Neuberger Large Cap Disciplined Growth strategy is designed to target growth-oriented investors seeking exposure to established, large-cap companies that have the potential to deliver above-average earnings and revenue expansion over the long term. This strategy typically emphasizes companies that exhibit innovative leadership, sustainable competitive advantages, and the ability to capitalize on evolving market trends.

Key characteristics include:

  • The strategy centers around identifying companies that are expected to experience robust growth in earnings, revenue, and market share. These companies often operate in sectors with high growth potential or are positioned to disrupt their industries.
  • The strategy often considers companies led by visionary management teams known for driving innovation and executing successful growth strategies. The capability of leadership to adapt to changing market dynamics is a crucial factor.
  • While seeking growth, the strategy places importance on investing in financially healthy companies with solid balance sheets, manageable debt levels, and strong cash flows. This approach aims to reduce vulnerability during market downturns.
  • Large-cap growth investments are typically viewed with a long-term horizon, aiming to capture the compounding effects of sustained growth over time. The strategy may involve holding positions in selected companies through multiple market cycles.
  • Although focused on growth, the strategy recognizes the benefits of diversification. Portfolios constructed under this strategy may span multiple sectors and industries to mitigate risks associated with sector-specific challenges.
  • The strategy is likely supported by in-depth research and analysis conducted by Neuberger Berman's team of investment professionals. This research includes assessing financial statements, growth projections, industry trends, and competitive landscapes.
Neuberger Berman Large Cap Disc Gr

Source: Morningstar

EQIS Large Cap Growth

EQIS Large Cap Growth is a compelling and focused investment approach designed to capitalize on the vast large cap growth segment of the market, crafted to address the unique opportunities present in this rapidly growing market.

The EQIS team employs a rigorous quantitative process to identify investment opportunities. The strategy seeks to deliver consistent returns for investors by maintaining a diversified portfolio across various asset classes, sectors, and industries in the large-cap growth space. Whether it's capturing the earnings growth potential of growth expectations or capitalizing on the momentum of high-growth companies, the EQIS Large Cap Growth strategy aims to create consistent returns relative to the market.

EQIS Large Cap Growth

Source: Morningstar



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